When Life Brings Change Home


Dear Judy,
I cannot thank you enough for the magnificent work you did on my home.  I had no idea that removing or moving around some furniture, strategically placing a knick knack or pillow could cause such unbelievable results. Actually, it was hardly as simple as that. You just make it look easy! You worked for hours organizing, sorting and purging. You always stayed so upbeat and enthusiastic, urging me on when I wanted to quit. Your strength and encouragement and kind words helped me through some difficult times going through old memories. You even loaned me several of your staging props when the realtor came to take pictures and videos. The "payoff" was well worth every minute. Every room in the house is not only elegant but user friendly as well; thanks to so many of your innovative ideas. What was so amazing to me was that you were able to work with what I already had somewhere in my home.  Some of the simplest suggestions turned out to be the biggest surprises. I loved working with you. I cannot wait until we get into our new home so you can work your "magic" once more. Thank you again.


Therese Flannery

"Judy helped make my move effortless and easy.  As we unpacked, she kept everything flowing smoothly and in an organized manner.  Before I knew it, everything was in its proper place, the placement of items all made sense, and I had a beautiful new home to enjoy.  She made a move I thought would be a huge chore into a great joy and pleasure.  What a difference she made.  Thank you, Judy."     - Dawn Chiang

"Working with Judy was such a blessing!  I had one quick month to take all my furnishings from the house I moved out of and redesign them to fit into my new home.  Judy's work ethic, professionalism and creativity that went into every little task we did was unmatched.  My house looked better than I could have imagined to film an episode of HGTV's House Hunters to air in early 2010! I learned so much from working with Judy that I could probably do it all on my own next time, but I had so much fun why would I want to?!"   - Nicole Bennett


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