When Life Brings Change Home


Is there a room in your house that needs a little refreshing?  Maybe you inherited some beautiful pieces that don't seem to fit with what you already have, or life has brought a new spouse and you want to blend your furnishings to create a home that feels welcoming to you both. 

Perhaps it's a time when your children are leaving to live on their own, or you've divorced and want to create a whole new environment just for you.  Let's look at what you have and play with some new ideas to transform your home into a place you love.

In redesign, solutions are about creating a sense of home unique to you and your family - and your current circumstances - not what may have existed in the past.  Together, we can assess your current situation and plan and carry out the appropriate solutions using your own furnishings in new ways. Let's work together to update your home so it's home is unique, warm, inviting - and wonderfully yours.


Call Transition Stage to start living in the home you envision today.


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